What do I have to pay?

Mileage-based passenger contributions are requested to cover fuel, insurance etc – all drivers are unpaid volunteers.

Where can I go?

On a wide variety of journeys locally and further afield – anywhere which can be reached in a day’s travel. Doctor’s appointments, respite-care days out, social club outings, family trips, visits to gardens, theatres, concerts, museum, seaside – we’ve done them all!

How many people do you serve, and who are they?

About 1,250 people every year use one or more Carebus services. Some are wheelchair users, many are elderly and have a variety of health issues or infirmity. However, Carebus services are available to all individuals and community groups in the Service Area.

Where do you get your funding?

Apart from the modest charge to users – which goes towards fuel and insurance, a number of groups and organisations support Carebus financially. Among them are West Berkshire Council; Englefield Trust; Greenham Trust; parish councils.

Can you send me a printed leaflet?

Yes! Please just email info@carebus.org with a note of your postal address and how many copies you would like. We can also send it in pdf format upon request.

Could you come and talk to my community group?

Certainly. We have a slide presentation which we should be delighted to share. It is followed by a fun quiz about local places in West Berkshire. There is no charge for attendance, but a donation would be welcomed if you like what you hear.

If you would like to know more please call 0118 930 4837 or email info@carebus.org